Mojave Desert | June 2017

As a creative director, designer, and animator, I have worked with video production and visual effects development for over 35 years. I've stayed ahead of industry trends, hand-built technology resources through bleeding-edge advancements, and helped transform the motion graphics landscape through Augmented Reality and VR applications. With diverse capabilities, I employ an interdisciplinary approach to production development by combining technology and art to create compelling, entertaining visual stories that drive customer action and satisfaction.

If there ever were a real-life mad scientist, I fit the job description. I'm artistically prolific, technologically resourceful, and entertainingly demented. This mad scientist has been producing video design, cinema VFX, 3D animation, and motion graphics for more than a quarter century. Please view my RÉSUMÉ for my extensive qualifications.


I began my sinister machinations living in the Washington DC vicinity during the analog ’80s, when MS-DOS and 640K ruled the PC, and the Macintosh made the mouse a household friend rather than a pest. I apprenticed at a post-production laboratory experimenting on monstrosities known as 1” VTRs, editing network series, broadcast commercials, and promotional videos. Upon my expatriation to Florida, I worked on national and international television series, more commercials, music videos, and corporate productions. Peer into the fruits of my twisted mind at the PORTFOLIO page, where you can watch full production VIDEO CLIPS, view my digital ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN for print or production development, and even tour a CASE STUDY on how one project came together.


Like all good sorcerers, I have endeavored to transmute my creations into precious metallic statuettes, such as wins and nominations for Emmys, Tellys, Addys, and Cleos, among other judgments of notoriety.

In order to attain the distinction of a true mad scientist, we must have our finest experiments published for peer review. Therefore, I authored The Focal Guide to After Effects, a book targeted to video editors, and beginner-to-advanced motion graphics designers. In my spare time, I volunteer with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Florida chapter, with whom I’ve written two novels and begun working on my third.


I’m mad about the creative process--from brainstorming, to adding those finishing nuances that make a great production. Drop me a message through my CONTACT page, and let's see what this mad scientist can whip up for you.