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In my former role as a visual communications leader at Lockheed Martin, we partnered with Curtis on a number of projects over many years. He always provided creative ideas for developing effective visual storytelling on a variety of abstract and complicated concepts. His deliverables were not only creative, but also beautifully executed.


I've known Curtis through the motion design community for a few decades but we never had the chance to collaborate due to my reluctance to work with folks outside the San Francisco Bay Area. All of that got thrown out the window when we started working from home through Covid. When a big project landed for my largest client, I needed to set up a team of artists with a broad range of skills to create over 200 shots. Curtis came on board from the start working remotely from Miami for over 6 months. Curtis has always been incredibly passionate about his craft, and this project let him shine. Whatever we threw at him he was able to handle, from 3D re-projections to 2D character animation. Besides being a solid professional on the technical and creative front, he was a pleasure to work with and always brought a smile to everyone's face on our zoom checkins. If you need to move some pixels, I highly recommend Curtis.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Curtis Sponsler for over ten years on a variety of media projects. Each production had a new set of challenges, yet Curtis is the perfect collaborator. His vast experience in art, production, and story telling allowed us to come up with creative solutions that pushed our projects to new heights. This is no exaggeration - our first collaboration together won ten national production awards! I highly recommend Curtis for any creative job – he’s a rare combination of talent, insight, and inspiration.

Erik Holsinger

Executive Producer | Media Alchemy

Curtis is a remarkable artist and person and I highly recommend him as someone who can get your vision accomplished. His enthusiasm and energy are endless and his "can-do" attitude is incredibly inspiring. I had the extreme fortune to intern with him and get a thorough understanding of the workings of his business. He always goes above and beyond creatively in order to make sure that he exceeds the needs of his clients, and that they are duly satisfied.

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While I have hired Curtis and collaborated on many a project with him for WKMG, I've known him for over 18 years. We've worked on many freelance projects together at many companies here in Orlando.

He is a tireless worker and inspires many people to top themselves just by being around him and his enthusiasm. He always takes whatever project he's working on to the next level and beyond anyone's best expectations. He would never ask anything out anyone that he wouldn't do himself.

He's a very giving person with his knowledge and expertise. There are many people who owe a big debt to Curtis for being a mentor to them. He does these things without ever asking for anything in return. He's a rare gift.

Curtis has a natural ability and talent in designing, editing and music. This is a lethal combination in the best sense of the word. IT'S KICK ASS!


Waiting for My Love in the rain | Pastel

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